Our Team



Calvin Hedrick

Community Organizer -Northern California

Mountain Maidu

Elizabeth Garcia, Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth Garcia

Operations Coordinator


Cheyenne Phoenix, Youth Organizer

Cheyenne Phoenix

Youth Organizer

Diné & Northern Paiute

Isel Cuapio

Isel Cuapio

Special Projects Manager


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Chrissie Castro

Co-founder and Executive Director

Diné & Chicana

Joey Williams

Joey Williams

Director of Organizing

Paiute (Kawaiisu) & ChicanX

Maya Sanchez, Youth Organizer

Maya Sanchez

Youth Organizer

Diné & Mexika

Robin Thundershield, Outreach Coordinator

Robin Thundershield

Outreach Coordinator

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Sygourney "Pony" Williams, Youth Organizer

Sygourney "Pony" Williams

Youth Organizer

Diné, Nakoda, Aaniih


Kevin Killer

Native Youth Leadership Alliance

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Laurie Weahkee

Native American Voters Alliance

Laurie Weahkee is Diné, Cochiti and Zuni Pueblo. She serves as the Executive Director for the Native American Voters Alliance (NAVA) and has worked as a community organizer developing issue campaigns, civic engagement and community empowerment strategies for over 20 years.

Anathea Chino

Advance Native Political Leadership

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