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Career Opportunities


Position: Canvasser 

Location: Los Angeles, CA or Sacramento, CA


The California Native Vote Project’s (CNVP) mission is to achieve equity and justice for Native American children, families and communities by increasing Native civic participation and power. CNVP is the first-of-its-kind statewide effort to engage Native American communities across dozens of counties to build political power through an integrated voter engagement strategy, which centers community organizing, and braids on top of that other strategies to achieve people-powered movements — including political education, leadership development; voter education, registration and protections; policy advocacy; research; and Native candidate preparation. 


Position Overview

The CNVP Canvasser is a temporary seasonal position that will be focused on conducting in-person, phone and text-based outreach to American Indian/Alaska Native peoples throughout California.. Canvassers will receive training in areas such as community organizing, integrated voter engagement, and building Native political power. Tasks will encompass conducting outreach on various issues related to CNVP’s mission, educating voters, voter registration, building contact lists, distributing project-specific surveys, recruiting volunteers, and informing Native voters about the 2024 primary, November 2024 general election, and ballot issues. Additionally, canvassers will be responsible for tracking their outreach progress, participating in weekly meetings, and handling administrative duties associated with the role.

Position Time Frame:

Group 1- Jan 2024 – Nov 2024 (10 positions)

Group 2- July 2024 – November 2024

Work Schedule: 6 positions up to 30 hours per week

60 positions up to 15 hours per week Pay: $20 per hour

Position Requirements: 

  • Experience working with Native American communities and/or tribal organizations
  •  Must have strong verbal communication skills, interpersonal communication skills and always maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude.
  •  A demonstrated commitment to and passion for the mission, vision, and values of CNVP.
  • Must attend mandatory orientation and series of training sessions (training may be virtual and/or in-person).
  • Technology and Digital Literacy: Able to use cell phones, laptops, and various software including Gmail, Google Chat, and timekeeping/payroll software.
  • Must have access to cellphone and web browser to accurately record data (a laptop/desktop and Wi-Fi is recommended). CNVP may be able to loan technology items for work assignments.
  • Commitment to civic engagement and desire to build the political power of American Indian/Alaska Native peoples in California.
  • Confidently communicates CNVP campaigns and provides opportunities and resources to get involved.
  • Must have a form of reliable transportation to and from events if required by position (gas reimbursements will be provided).
  • Must be able to stand and sit for long periods of time (3-6 hrs) while managing a booth or walking at a cultural event such as a conference, gathering, or powwow.
  • Must be physically able to safely lift up to 40lbs.
  • Able to work hours that vary from standard office hours.
  • Demonstrates a desire to learn and personally grow themselves via networking, professional development training, and community engagement. Preferred Qualifications:
  • Desire to learn the current socio-political status of American Indians/Alaska Natives in California, including the history that has given rise to current conditions.
  • Commitment to civic engagement in diverse American Indian/Alaska Native communities, both urban and rural.
  • Comfortable and confident talking to people of diverse backgrounds in the AI/AN community.
  • Experience working on issue-based or political campaigns.
  • Staying up-to-date on political, social, and economic issues which impact American Indian/Alaska Native communities.

Other Information: 

  • Cell Phone Stipend: Canvassers who solely use their cell phones for assignments will receive a stipend amount of $15.00 per paycheck.
  • Stipend Eligibility: To be eligible for the stipend, canvassers must be working 10 or more hours per week. Those working 10 or fewer hours a week will not qualify for the stipend.
  • Mileage Reimbursement: Canvassers who use their own vehicles for work-related travel will remain eligible for mileage reimbursement.