What We Do


CNVP believes in the importance of data and research, and has partnerships with research-focused organizations across the state to help inform its movement building work.

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Youth Organizing

CNVP's youth group "Native Youth for Justice - LA" is open to all Native American youth ages 12-24, and is focused on leadership, power and justice through youth organizing and civic participation.

From Indigenous Peoples Day to the removal of the Columbus statue in Grand Park to the emergent Indigenous Education Now justice campaign, Native youth have taken leadership through visioning, campaign development, and speaking at public hearings and events. Youth have learned hands­ on organizing tactics such as conducting power analyses, understanding targets, conducting letter and phone banking campaigns to amplify Indigenous community voice; building multi­racial and multi-issue partnerships and coalitions; and speaking to the media. We invite all Native American youth to join us in this youth-led movement to create positive change in our communities. 

Voter Registration, Education & Protections

CNVP conducts voter registration, education and get-out-the vote strategies with Native American community members throughout the state.

Complex historical and contemporary factors, affect the level and depth of engagement of Native Americans in the political system, contributing to drastic underrepresentation in civic engagement, voter registration and turnout, and Native elected leaders at every level of government. CNVP is working to create historical advancements in Native voter registration, education, access, and get-out-the-vote strategies for the purpose of long-term, continuous power building in Native communities. 

Census 2020

The California Native Vote Project (CNVP) was one of two statewide organizations contracted by the State of California to conduct statewide census outreach and education to ensure a fair and accurate count for Census 2020.

As a founding member of the Advancement Project California’s Census Policy Advocacy Network, CNVP began engaging in statewide census policy and funding decisions in early 2018. CNVP utilized census advocacy and outreach as a base building and power building strategy.

Community Organizing

CNVP facilitates the Indigenous Education Now Coalition that is calling for the strengthening of Native American and Indigenous education throughout Los Angeles County, and beginning with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

This historic coalition brings together students and families from Los Angeles’ first peoples, The Tongva and Tataviam, Tribal Nations from across the United States, First Nations of Canada, and Indigenous peoples of Latin America. The coalition is calling for vital reformations beginning with the proper Tribal Consultation in fulfillment of Every Student Succeeds Act requirements.