The Census as a
Power Building Strategy

Census 2020

The California Native Vote Project (CNVP) was one of two statewide organizations contracted by the State of California to conduct statewide census outreach and education to ensure a fair and accurate count for Census 2020.

As a founding member of the Advancement Project California’s Census Policy Advocacy Network, CNVP began engaging in statewide census policy and funding decisions in early 2018. CNVP utilized census advocacy and outreach as a base building and power building strategy.

CNVP conducted census outreach across California in-person and virtually by attending community events, hosting presentations and webinars, launching phone and text banks, sharing content on social media, and utilizing other digital strategies.

CNVP has built a membership base of 4,000 Native Americans in California with whom the project communicates directly via phone, email, social media, and in-person contacts. CNVP has an extensive statewide network of more than 50 Native organizations and leaders — including from Hard-to-Count census tracts — that work collaboratively on census outreach plans in their home communities.