Our Partners

Census Policy Advocacy Network

The Census Policy Advocacy Network (CPAN) is a collaborative effort among multiple statewide organizations in California to help shape policy concerning the American Community Survey and the 2020 Census. CPAN’s goal is to educate policymakers and community leaders about the government investment and sound policies needed to ensure a fair and accurate census in 2020.

We Count LA Census Table (Advancement Project)

The We Count LA Census Table is a group of community-based and other nonprofit organizations dedicated to reaching hard-to-count populations in the 2020 Census. Through the LARCT, organizations are able to share knowledge and resources as well as coordinate outreach efforts with each other and government agencies, especially the County and City of Los Angeles. The LARCT also serves as the Stakeholder sub-committee of the 2020 Census Countywide Complete Count Committee.

California Calls

California Calls is an alliance of 31 grassroots, community-based organizations spanning urban, rural and suburban counties across the state. They focus on engaging, educating and motivating new and infrequent voters among young people, from communities of color, and from poor and working-class neighborhoods to make California’s electorate more reflective of the population.