Voter Registration,
Education & Protections​

Why Voter Engagement Matters:

CNVP conducts voter registration, education and get-out-the vote strategies with Native American community members throughout the state.

Complex historical and contemporary factors, affect the level and depth of engagement of Native Americans in the political system, contributing to drastic underrepresentation in civic engagement, voter registration and turnout, and Native elected leaders at every level of government. CNVP is working to create historical advancements in Native voter registration, education, access, and get-out-the-vote strategies for the purpose of long-term, continuous power building in Native communities.

National examples of how the Native vote has made a difference:

    • Alaska Native voters helped to replace a governor hostile to Native sovereignty and issues and elect allies in Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott, a Tlingit leader, in 2014.


    • Ann Kirkpatrick heavily campaigned on Navajo and Apache reservations, which she credits for helping her to win her 2013 run for a congressional seat representing Arizona’s first district, the congressional seat with the highest concentration of Natives in the country.


    • In 2013, four of the tightest Senate races took place in states with some of the largest percentages of Native Americans: Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota and Montana. The Native vote in three of those states made a significant difference. 


  • In 2006, US Senator John Tester won his Senate seat by only 3,562 votes. In that election, more than 17,000 voters cast ballots on Montana’s seven Indian reservations. And he credits the Native vote for helping to secure his seat in 2012.

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Information about California elections deadlines:

New voting processes in California

 The state of California is updating how it conducts voter registration, as well as elections. 

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Voter Protections

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